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MARCO LICHT – Story, Lyrics & Screenplay

With no more than six years, during his first visit of the “Zauberflöte” (“The Magic Flute”) in the National Theatre in Munich he already realised that he shall have a career that “has something to do with theatre”. Back then greeted with smiles, he unswervingly writes numerous songs, lyrics and stories while still a child and later during his teenager years. Furthermore, he is active in local cultural associations. 1997 he then begins – together with the composer Thomas Walossek and the playwright Gabriele Amann – working on the musical “Streetworker”. While in 1999 the play wins the author prize for the best song “We two are one” (lyrics: Marco Licht), the preparations for the production of the musical “Streetworker” have already begun. It shall celebrate its´ German-speaking premiere in Munich. Using this experience the artists- and event-agency Streetworker arises. The agency´s main task is to support upand- coming artists. In his new role as casting director, Marco Licht is now, among other things, in charge of successful children´s programmes such as “Tanzalarm” or international movies such as the award-winning short movie “Tradition”. Later on, he concentrates more on writing show concepts and directs smaller musical productions. Furthermore, he still works as a freelance author with different composers and, amongst others, writes lyrics for “Die Geschwister David”, cabaret artist Karin Engelhardt or “Spectacular Five”. He again wins several prizes for his work (for example the “Most Emotional Song 2011” for “Heaven is here”).


Starting at the age of 10 years with classic piano lessions, he continues with drums and finally guitar. With a classic education by Gerhard Oppitz he started visiting the Jazz School Munich of Joe Haider.  He wins several prizes as Newcomer guitarist and composer. For example in the year 1988 for „Oro“ as best newcomer gutiarist / composer and 1999 as composer of the Musical „Streetworker“ for the Duett „We two are one“ (Best New Musical Song 1999). He is the founder of several Jazz-Rock-Bands (1980 Sepia, 1982 Skunk), Latin Groups (Salsoso) and the Gipsy Guitar Trio „Barcarole“. Since 1999 he´s a well known bar pianst in hotels and restaurants,  arranges a lot of Pop Songs for known and unknown artists and works as a composer for improvisation ensembles and theaters. He plays at the Jazz Festival Jazz of Joy in Letland 2005 and Troja in Germany 2006. Since 2006 he´s  teaching Piano  and is still active in playing Piano in several bars and hotels in and around munich.

GABRIELE AMANN – Story & Stageplay

During her time as a student for justice in Koeln she becomes more and more interested in acting. At that time she begins her education for acting, singing and voicetraining. In 1991 she starts playing with several improvisation groups, writing books and plays for cabarets and  small theaters. Between 1995 and 1998 she´s also the owner of Maecena Concepttraining for Communication, fitness and health training in Munich. Her fisrt play as autor and director „Das Trennungsjahr“ comes up to stage with the premiere in 1997 in Munichs Gasteig/BlackBox.  The play started touring in several theaters. In the following years she´s working as acting coach for imptrovisation for exampe at the Tschechow Acting School Munich, writes theatre plays, cabaretts and books about resilience, coaching and improvisation. Since 2010 she is the owner and COE of her own company for coaching and training in Berlin.