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Contact / Credits

e-mail: info@streetworker-musical.com

Do you need more informations about the stageplay or the activities about the up comming movie? –  Please contact our publisher:

Litag Theaterverlag München, Maximilianstr. 21, D-80539 Munich, Germany,


Monoton Musikverlag GmbH, Ritter-Hilprand-Str. 1d, D-82024 Taufkrichen, Germany,


The authors wanna thank:

Celina Kurz, Michelle Froschl, Natalie Adler, Jessica Lanzinger, Gerald Vogl, Gerd Zacherl, Edi Alic, Sylvain Paybaya, Narsh Smith and the models Carmen, Celina, Klara, Lanie, Nadia and Saskia for the promotion-shooting of the fashion collection of STREETWORKER

Even everyone who was involved in the production of the world premiere 2000, april 10

Artwork & Logo: Martin Peschkes

Fotos: Marco Licht

special thanks to:

 Eva Giesel,  Anita Lochner, Daniela Stärz and  Michi & Wolfi Paulus