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Several young people and addicts gather at the back enterance of a discotheque in a suburb. A new street worker begins making the rounds, looking after the people in this milieu. Sue, a drug addict, falls in love with him. The street worker is at his wit’s end because the addicts take little notice of the support he is trying to give them and confides in a policewoman. She encourages him not to give up and also asks him to help her carry out an upcoming raid in the hope of finally arresting the drug dealer. The dealer and the policewoman are in cahoots, however, and have already come up with a plan to get rid of the irksome street worker. The dealer forces Sue, of all people, to slip some dope to the street worker. Sue is so desperate she is about to commit suicide, but she is rescued by the street worker just in the nick of time. They confess their love for each other. But before Sue can tell the street worker what happened, he is arrested as a “wanted” dealer during the raid, much to the satisfaction of the other addicts.
Months later. Sue is still hoping the street worker will return. While quarreling with the dealer she threatens to spill the beans. Ronda, another addict, is a witness to this. The dealer and the policewoman thereupon decide to kill the girl with an overdose. The street worker, who has just been released from prison, finds the dying girl. The addicts find out about the incident and persuade the street worker to join them in busting the dealer. The street worker, unsuspecting, asks the policewoman for help. When the dealer cannot be caught in the act during a bogus drug sale the street worker smells a rat. His suspicion is confirmed as he takes the policewoman and the dealer to task and they explain the rules of the game to him. Thanks to a videotape that Frank, the bartender at The Candy, slips to the street worker, he can prove to the disappointed addicts what a dirty game the policewoman and the dealer have been playing with them. Together they get the goods on the dealer and the policewoman; the dealer is fatally hit by a stray bullet in a shoot-out. The policewoman is arrested, the street worker is vindicated, everything seems to have come to a good end. However in the background we see the dealer – like a phantom — and some of the addicts scurry by, as silhouettes.